Texas T-Shirt Quilts
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for DFW Metro
FAQ for those shipping
  • Are your t-shirt quilts actually quilted or just tied? We quilt through all 3 layers of the quilt. We do a double stitch around each block so the quilt is fully anchored and machine washable.
  • Can I use sweatshirts, jerseys, collared shirts &/or button up shirts. Yes! We can use almost any type of material.
  • What is sashing? Sashing is the fabric (approx 1.5 inches wide) between the shirt blocks.
  • Can I send my own material for backing, sashing, border or edging? Yes. Please get in touch with us and we'll give you the exact amount you'll need to purchase.
  • Can I do my own layout? We generally do the layout of the shirts for balance and color. However, if you would like us to follow a specific order or plan for your t-shirt quilt, please draw a sketch and we will follow it.
  • How long is the turnaround? Our turnaround is currently 4-5 weeks. Please contact us with any questions.
  • Can you use the front and back of the same shirt? Yes.
  • What is included in the cost of the basic quilt? The top (your t-shirts), low loft batting in the middle, a new sheet for the back, and an edge/binding (approximately 3 quarters of an inch). Please note: If you choose a fleece backing, we do not use a batting in the middle. The overall weight of the quilt is still the same as our traditional quilt, however it is more compressed.
  • What is the size of the block used? 15 inches
  • How do I start the process? Include the order form in your box fully filled out.
  • What is your shipping address?
            Texas T-Shirt Quilts
            Attn: Becky Antos
            4341 Lindbergh Dr #200C
            Addison TX 75001
  • What is the method of payment? A check (included in your box or sent separately) made out to Texas T-Shirt Quilts. We need to receive full payment before shipping your finished quilt. Feel free to contact us before shipping if you would like us to calculate your exact total.
  • Are there any extra fees? $20 return shipping. Texas residents also pay 8.25% tax.
  • Where are you located? 4341 Lindbergh Dr #200C, Addison TX 75001. It is a 2 story building with red doors, across the street from an auto repair shop.