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3 Reasons Why College T-Shirt Quilts Are the Best Going-Away Gift 


Can’t believe your son or daughter is going away to college so soon? For many parents, the transition from high school to college can be a difficult one, especially if your child is moving away from home for the first time. Give your child a truly unique, useful, and meaningful gift and send them away to school in style with college t-shirt quilts.


A college t-shirt quilt is a customized quilt made entirely of squares cut from college t-shirts. Your custom quilt will have a clear theme and color palette that will radiate school spirit and keep your kid warm and cozy, no matter how far from home they might roam. 


Here are some of the top reasons why college t-shirt quilts make a great going-away present:

1. It Helps Students to Show Their School Spirit  

Going off to college is an exciting time, and many new college students are eager to show their school spirit with t-shirts, hoodies, pennants, bandanas, and more.


With college quilts, you’ll be able to provide a student with a unique and eye-catching way to show their school spirit. You’ll have to shop for new dorm bedding anyway; why not decorate your child’s bed with something meaningful and stylish? 

2. A T-Shirt Quilt Keeps Them Feeling Connected to Home

Though moving away to college for the first time is exciting, it also comes along with feelings of homesickness, especially for students who have never spent an extended period of time away from their family.


Even if your child is simply moving back to their dorm after the summer, the transition back to campus life can leave them feeling lonely. A college t-shirt quilt will remind them of you each time they snuggle up to it, helping them to feel connected to their roots. 

3. It’s Great for Dorm Decor 

Perhaps your college student already has a fully outfitted dorm, but they are looking for a cool and interesting way to decorate their walls. You could go with the standard posters or picture frames, but why not consider an option that’s a bit more off the beaten path?


College t-shirt quilts are more than just cozy and full of school spirit; the many interspersed logos, patterns, and colors make them interesting to look at, creating the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind wall hanging that roommates and visitors alike will love.  

A Great Way to Repurpose Old T-Shirts 

Let’s say your college student has become a proud graduate and you’re looking for the perfect gift to honor their achievements. What better way to commemorate your child’s time in college than by combining a bunch of their favorite college tees into a college quilt?


Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtful and unique gesture, and they’ll have a treasured item that will always remind them of the great times they had in college.


Ready to get started building your own custom college t-shirt quilt? Learn more about pricing and customization from Texas T-Shirt Quilts today.

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