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Send Students Off to College in Style with Quilts for College Dorms 

That time has finally come: you’re sending your child off to college, and you want to make sure they have everything they’ll need in order to be happy and successful in a new place.


The transition from high school to college is a great time to give your kid a meaningful gift that will be equally comforting and useful as they enter their new phase of life. T-shirt quilts for college dorms are a great option when you want a thoughtful gift to mark the occasion. 

Why Use Quilts for College Dorms? 


Your child’s college dorm should be functional and optimized for studying, but more than anything, it should be cozy and feel like a home away from home. 


T-shirt quilts are customized quilts made from t-shirts and other clothing items of your choice. They are the perfect way to keep your child cozy and comfortable as they adjust to dorm life.


Today, we’ll take a look at a few of the distinct reasons why we recommend T-shirt quilts for college dorms. 

Showing that School Spirit


Your t-shirt quilt can be made up of any t-shirts you choose, so why not create a special quilt that’s entirely dedicated to the university your child attends? Combine college tees, sport uniforms, bandanas, sweatshirts, and other school-related clothing items to create the ultimate show of school spirit for your child’s dorm room. 

Staying Connected to Home 


Moving away to college is an exciting time, but it can also be difficult when students are far away from the family for the first time ever. That’s why meaningful gifts like custom made quilts for college dorms are such a great way to celebrate this transitional phase of your child’s life and award them for all that they’ve accomplished so far.


Though their dorm room won’t look quite like their familiar room at home, your student will have that cozy quilt to snuggle up in and feel close to their family in between visits to home. 

A Fun Wall Décor Option 


Quilts for college dorms aren’t only useful as a bedspread or extra cover in the winter months. They can also make an eye-catching wall decoration for any college dorm. 


Dorms can be pretty plain and boring. Hanging a customized quilt made from all of your child’s favorite old t-shirts is an interesting way to bring a piece of their history to their college dorm while also sprucing up the décor. 

More Unique than Any Store-Bought Bedspread 


No matter which t-shirts or other items of clothing you include in custom quilts for college dorms, you can guarantee that no other student at your child’s college will have the same one. This will be a great conversation starter as your child is getting to know roommates and new friends, and it’ll help them to feel more confident and unique.


Ready to learn more? Contact us at Texas T-Shirt Quilts today to create a custom t-shirt quilt.

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