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Best Items to Use When Making Memory Quilts from Men’s Shirts 

Memory quilts are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give to just about anyone in your life. These quilts are made up of squares cut from T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items of clothing that represent someone’s personality and the details that make them who they are. This means that memory quilts can include school pride shirts, well-loved work shirts, and other items that represent a special person in your life.


Perhaps you’re looking for a way to celebrate your husband, son, or father and are interested in memory quilts from men’s shirts that can honor them in a completely unique and meaningful way.


Every man is different, which means no two memory quilts from men’s shirts will be made up of the same items. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the items we recommend when you’re designing memory quilts from men’s shirts. 

Flannel Work Shirts 


If that special guy in your life spends a lot of his time out in the fields on a farm or ranch, you’re likely used to seeing him in sturdy flannel shirts most of the time.

Though you may not want to take any of the shirts in his current rotation to make into a memory quilt, you could repurpose some old worn-out flannels into a meaningful quilt that he can drape over his bedspread or even hang on the wall as an eye-catching piece of décor. 

Collared Shirts 


Similar to flannels, a crisp collared shirt is likely one of your most persistent memories of your loved one if they wear items of this nature to work each day. Instead of letting retired work shirts sit in a box or drawer somewhere, give them use again by combining them into a meaningful (and cozy) gift for that special guy in your life. 



T-shirts are a classic choice when it comes to memory quilts from men’s shirts. Take note of your loved one’s favorite old t-shirts that they no longer wear as much. You can also look through the t-shirts they own that commemorate a meaningful time in their life. 


Whether it’s an article of clothing from the college they attended or a favorite sports team, you can combine them into a meaningful memory quilt that will make them feel appreciated and loved. 

Jean or Corduroy Jackets 


Jean material in a quilt might seem unusual at first. However, if that guy in your life is instantly recognizable by his signature jean jacket, utilizing a piece of jean jacket material in your memory quilt is a great way to pay tribute to his unique sense of style.


Corduroy jackets also make a great addition to memory quilts from men’s shirts, as they add an interesting sense of texture. Just make sure you’re not taking a piece from a jacket that he’ll miss!


Want to learn more about memory quilts from men’s shirts and how you could wow your loved one with a completely unique gift? Contact the crew at Texas T-Shirt Quilts today.  

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