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Celebrate Your Sorority Sister with Sorority Quilts


Relationships between sorority sisters are some of the closest out there. You’ve been through so much together, and you know you have a sister for life even after you graduate from your university and move on to bigger and better things.


Maybe you’re looking for a special gift to give as they get ready for an upcoming birthday or graduation day. Perhaps a family member or friend that’s in a sorority is celebrating a milestone in their college career. 


For any occasion, you can give them a present that they’ll truly cherish for many years to come with sorority quilts made from t-shirts. 

Why Are Sorority Quilts the Best Gifts for Members of Greek Life?  


Here are just a few of the top reasons why t-shirt sorority quits are the best gift to give a special girl in your life, whether she’s your sorority sister or a loved one that’s off on a new college adventure. 

They’re Completely Custom-Tailored and Unique 


With one-of-a-kind t-shirt sorority quilts, you can be absolutely sure that your sorority sister won’t have anything else quite like it.


Our quilts are designed using squares from personal t-shirts, so your sorority sister’s quilt will be crafted from t-shirts commemorating her favorite sorority events and memories. 


T-shirt quilts can be made from hoodies, t-shirts, and other fabrics. Pick a theme, like pieces that showcase your Greek letters, or choose a variety of fabrics to make something that will truly stand out. 


Best of all, each piece will be full of treasured memories woven together to make a thoughtful and attractive quilt to snuggle up in.

They Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes 


Sorority quilts from t-shirts make an excellent bedspread that can go with just about any décor. You can even take your gal pal’s bedroom décor setup into account when designing your t-shirt quilt to make sure it’ll suit her style.


Even if your sorority sister isn’t in need of a bedspread or extra blanket for her bedroom, sorority quilts can make excellent wall hangings in bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, and just about anywhere else in a home. You can even hang them up in your sorority to feature fond memories for years to come.


When you give the gift of a sorority quilt, it’s a piece of art that your sorority sisters can get cozy with or proudly display throughout the year.

They Can Last for Decades 


Your sorority sister means a lot to you, which is why you should give her something that she can keep with her for years to come. When you take proper care of sorority quilts, they can stay in good condition for decades to come.


With a personalized t-shirt quilt, she’ll always have a useful and meaningful item that reminds her of you and all of her other beloved sorority sisters.


Take a look at our online order form to get started creating your custom sorority quilt from Texas T-Shirt Quilts today.

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