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4 of the Best Items to Use in Memorial Quilts 

When a loved one passes away, you may want something physical to hold close that reminds you of them so that you can continue to feel connected to that person. Having something of this nature can provide an immense amount of comfort to bereaved family members and friends during the initial grieving process.


If you’ve recently lost someone close to you, one of the best ways to honor their memory and provide yourself and others with some comfort is with a memorial quilt. 

What Is a Memorial Quilt? 


Memorial quilts are specialized quilts designed with squares that are cut from t-shirts or other clothing items. 


With memorial quilts, you can combine a series of your late loved one’s favorite shirts and clothing items into a cozy quilt that will help you to feel closer to the person while also putting their clothing to good use in the process.

4 Clothing Items to Use for a Memorial Quilt


Thinking about making a memorial quilt for your loved one but not sure how to get started? Here are four clothing items that make great material for memorial quilts. 

1. Their Favorite T-Shirts


If you spent a good amount of time with your loved ones or even lived with them, it’s likely that you could pick their most beloved t-shirt out of a lineup easily.


Memorial quilts have the most impact when they’re made with items that your late family member or friend truly loved and wore often. This is why their favorite t-shirt (or a few of their favorite t-shirts) can be a great place to start with your memorial quilt. 

2. A T-Shirt from Their Alma Mater 


For many people, the university that they attended is a huge part of their identity and a great source of pride.


If this was the case for your loved one, they likely owned t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other items of clothing sporting their alma mater’s title, colors, or team name. You could even include a university pennant or bandana in your memorial quilt to pay tribute to your loved one’s school pride. 

3. A Well-Worn Flannel or Sweatshirt 


Perhaps your loved one wasn’t much of a t-shirt wearer, but often sported a work shirt such as a flannel or a cozy sweatshirt. Items like these also make great material for memorial quilts. Don’t hesitate to include them alongside any other shirts you might be considering for your custom-tailored quilt. 

4. A T-Shirt from a Special Event 


Many of the most exciting events in life are celebrated and remembered with t-shirts: marathons and other races, work events, family vacations, and more.


Including shirts like these in memorial quilts can help to insert specific happy memories into the greater mosaic that is your tribute to your loved one, creating a sense of peace and comfort each time you see it.


To get started making your memorial quilt with Texas T-Shirt Quilts today, check out our online order form.

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